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Sacrificia Mortuorum –Les Vents De L’Oubli MC


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French pressed music cassette. Black cassette with silver text. Limited 200 numbered copies

French underground black metal act Sacrificia Mortuorum was formed in Sainte-Marguerite in 2000 and consists of the duo: Gothmog (guitars, synth, prog drums), and Lord Arawn (guitars, synth, prog drums, howls). The theme of the album is dedicated to the life of Gilles de Rais (Bluebeard), Marshal of France, contemporary warrior of the Maid. Fallen hero tried, hanged, then burned for atrocities, whose guilt has never been unanimous. The lyrics are all in French which contributes to the grandeur of the skeud. The texts are full of historical references and the music itself has quality of the riffs, exceptional melodies, skilfully distilled synth pads and a very elaborate rhythm box structure.

Track list:
1. La Prophetie
2. Ma Chute Annoncee
3. Du Crepuscule
4. La Danse Écarlate
5. Les Choeurs De Dieu
6. D’Espoir Et De Sang
7. Souvenir D’Une Trahison
8. Reflexion D’Un Mort
9. A L’Aurore
10. Dans Le Berceau Des Vents

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