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Sacrificia Mortuorum –Maturum Est MC


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French pressed music cassette. Black cassette with silver text. Limited 100 numbered copies

French underground black metal act Sacrificia Mortuorum was formed in Sainte-Marguerite in 2000 and consists of the duo: Gothmog (guitars, synth, prog drums), and Lord Arawn (guitars, synth, prog drums, howls). Their debut album Les Vents De Loubli was released in 2005 and it was followed by Maturum Est in 2007. And the good thing with this band is that they stick to what they know how to do and they do it incredibly well. Their raw style, mixed with a slice of ambience and addomg a raspy black metal voice is perfect. They keep their sound simplistic and stylish. They stick to blast beat after blast beat. This chaotic sound suits Sacrificia Mortuorum’s raw nature.

Track list:
1. Prelude
2. I
3. II
4. III
5. IV
6. V
7. Outro

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Les Creations Clandestines

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