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Sacrilegious Impalement –III:Lux Infera lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and 8-page booklet

In 2013 it was time for the pearly gates to be punished again and another stab in the eyes of the holy when Sacrilegious Impalament released their third full-lenght, III – Lux Infera (which stands for The Light of Those Down Below, the Dead). In spite of several changes in line-up within these years Sacrilegious Impalement has grown stronger through every year and release.

Track list:
1. Angel Graves
2. Down For Grim Lord
3. Scars For Scarred Ones
4. For Sins Of The Pigs
5. Through Punishing Gates
6. Behead The Infants Of God
7. Regain The Dormant Realm
8. His Gift Embodied
9. Deliverance From Unknown

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