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Sad Iron -Total Damnation cd


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2015 remastered re-issue with 5 bonus tracks and a booklet with biography and lots of previously unseen photos

Sad Iron was a Dutch metal band that had a very NWOBHM sound. Total Damnation might be one of the finest Dutch metal records of its time or one of the worst, depending on the way you want to look at it. The downside of this album is the corny lyrics and the extremely poor sound. The reason for the sound is that record owner Wobbe Van Seijen wasn�t willing to spend any money on the recording and the band had to record Total Damnation on one day only and they were allowed any overdubs. So if you can look beyond some of the imperfections that appear due to the lack of recording time you will find some mighty fine metal songs of its time. Youll find speed metal songs like Demons Night and Prisoners and the Nwobhm sounding Hellfighter together with the epic title track. Sad Iron had a tough career but with more time and a bigger budget this band might have gone on to much bigger things and might even have challenged Picture in the long run

Track listing:
1. Demons Night
2. Prisoners
3. We All Praise The Devil
4. Rock N Roll Rendez-vous
5. Hellfighter
6. Total Damnation
7. Three Crown Saws
8. Thunder And Lightning-live
9. School girls-live
10. Powertrash
11. Living Like A Rat
12. We Play To Kill

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