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Sad Motion -Den Där Festen 7″


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Sad Motion was one of those bands that arrived during the Disco pop era and could be ranked as one of the first soul and funk bands in Sweden. The mastermind behind the band was Tomas Blank who wrote most of the material and also played keyboard on the album and singles. The band was active between 1979 and 1982 and two of their singles Windsurfing and Den Där Festen where both played on the radio a lot and their music video for Windsurfing is one of the first ever Swedish pop videos. Tomas Blank would go on to bigger things, first as a solo artists and then he worked for EMI records and he has also done a lot of production work and have also arranged and written material for over 150 different record productions and has about 900 titles registered at the Swedish copyright firm Stim. Guitarist Leif Westfahl would join ex-Treat drummer Mats Dahlberg and his melodic hair metal band Dalton. Daltons image was cutting edge with designer outfits and enough hair spray every night to challenge the average user’s yearly consumption. Far from the image of Sad Motion just a few years earlier.

Track list:
1. Den Där Festen
2. Jag Har Fått Nog

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