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Sadist – Above The Light


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‘Above The Light’ is the debut studio album by the Italian progressive death metal band Sadist, released in 1993 by Nosferatu Records. Considering it was actually released before Cynics ‘Focus’, it must have been a monumental inspiration for progressive Thrash/Death metal of today. What we have here is not too far removed from Cynic, in fact, but with the added bonus of somewhat black vocals, instead of grating robotics that no one wants to hear. The key word about the songwriting is definitely atmosphere, as there is just so much of it floating about, helped along by the original use of keyboards and even a harpsichord, which just manages to fit in so well, without sounding in any way like power metal. To accompany the great scowling and growling and the sweet melodies, we also have some truly awe inspiring guitar solos, both in terms of technicality and musicality, all punctuated with beautiful ambient acoustic guitar passages that seamlessly blend in to the heavy riffing, demonstrating that Sadist could well have inspired Opeth and I’m not just adding in the name to attract listeners. This album really is piece of historic genius. Highlight tracks would definitely be ‘Enslaver Of Lies’ and also ‘Hell In Myself’. The album was re-released in 2006 after their return by Beyond Productions with two bonus tracks. Track listing: 1. Nadir 2. Breathin' Cancer 3. Enslaver Of Lies 4. Sometimes They Come Back 5. Hell In Myself 6. Desert Divinities 7. Sadist 8. Happiness N Sorrow 9. Dreaming Deformities 10. Musicians Against Yuppies

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