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Sadist Of Noble Blood –Zodiac Teaches Sadism To Cats MC


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Dutch pressed music cassette. Yellow cassette with black text. Limited 50 copies

Sadist Of Noble Blood is an electronic project by Dutch musician Sandi Mujanovic where he produce electronic music that incorporates elements of techno, jungle and breakbeat in his music. The title of this cassettes has nothing to do with torturing your pets but the title is a word play of the titles of the four download singles the band has produced so far; Zodiac Archer, Teach Them How To Kill, Techno Sadism and Twelve Black Cats. This cassette is a compilation of all those 4 singles that were released digitally in 2021.

Track list:
1. Zodiac Archer
2. Teach Them How To Kill
3. Techno Sadism
4. Twelve Black Cats

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