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Sadistik Exekution – Fukk II


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Legitimate contenders to the claim of "world's most insane extreme metal band," Australia's Sadistik Exekution formed in the mid-'80s and remained steadfastly committed to playing the fastest, most violently over-the-top music they could throughout their career. In some ways old-school and in others nearly avant-garde, their style mixed together aspects of black, thrash, death, and doom metal, often played at incredibly fast speeds, while at others rendered at a nearly dirge-like crawl. What makes this band so extreme? Complete aggression. The vocals are completely natural, just a man screaming out the frustration and anger, no vocal tricks or effects or distortion. The guitars are constantly triple-picked and spiral in insane and extremely twisted scales. The drums are absolutely devastating with blast after blast and some extremely fast fills and rolls. And the bass… The bass!!! The bass player Dave Slave is absolutely mental, lightning fast, he uses bass solos all over the place. Definitely up there with Claypool and Webster. ‘Fukk II’ opens with an intro track which contains riffs that sound like should be on an Ac/dc record, with a classic rock solo laid overtop. Then the insanity begins with 'Homicidal Suicide'. This song is just packed with extremely catchy riffs and an extremely fast drum and bass solo, in which the drums manage to perform a blastbeat and then get faster using song really odd rolls. This track will leave you screaming 'Homicide!' for the rest of your life. If you don't like this song, you won't like anything that Sadistik Exekution have done. Most of the songs are the same speed, brutality, theme, with different riffs. Great if you love the style but this will scare away new comers. Also, the vocals definitely are not for everyone, most Australians dislike hearing this guy ramble in an Aussie accent let alone the rest of the world. In the end it's all brutal shit, and if you pride yourself on having some of the most mentally insane and crazily psychotic blastbeating shit ever, pick this up. If you don't have an open mind or like standard stuff, avoid. Track listing: 1. Inner Spiritual 2. Homicidal Suicide 3. Bleeding Insanity 4. Mental Derailment 5. Arkhon The Grave Robber 6. Battered To Buggery 7. The Electrik Chair 8. Fukking Death Mental 9. Shit 10. Outer Spiritual

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