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Sadus ‎–Live In Chile lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and printed innersleeve. Limited to 500 numbered copies

Welcome to the world of underground metal. Sadus is one of those pioneering thrash bands from the bay area that never received the recognition that they deserved. Much like Demolition Hammer from New York, or Sacrifice from Scarborough Ontario, Canada, these guys play brutal thrash with death styled vocals and aggression that has been lacking for quite some time now in the current underground scene. This album was recorded on the 7th of August in Santiago, Chile back in 2004 and the tour was part of a promotional campaign in preparation of the bands come-back album, Out For Blood. Its obvious after listening to this album that the band had been rehearsing for quite some time before actually going back on the road, since alot of the progressive elements that were common with the Sadus back catalogue were done to near perfection. The one thing that I admire greatly about this concert is the fact that the band reached all the way back to their first album for songs, and they manage to cover just about every era of the Sadus legacy. Even songs from the coming album Out For Blood were played. Overall, this album is worth acquiring simply due to the fact that Sadus have been defunct for almost a decade, but are back with a vengeance and this album is a clear indicator that this band still has what it takes to be considered a force to be reckoned with.

Track list:
1. Aggression
2. Crutch
3. Hands Of Fate
4. Good Ridnz
5. Slave To Misery
6. Kill Team
7. Sick
8. Power Of One
9. Twisted Face
10. Di Giorgios Solo
11. The Wake

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