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Sandbreaker -S/t cd


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Sandbreaker from Rybnik in Poland has made an interesting task to turn Frank Herberts Sci-fi epos The Dune Saga into music. There are so many bands that has been influenced by Tolkkiens books so to hear Sandbreaker perform stoner doom death based on this Sci-fi story gives it a splendid twist. Some songs have a droning vibe but that monotone fuzz often attributed to stoner doom metal is non-existing on this record which is a positive thing. If you love the Dune saga and dont mind having some groovy doom that has a vocalist with a sandblasting growling voice trying to tell the story then this is a fun ride. Welcome to the desert planet Arrakis, and what was that? A short brass section? Well I guess anything works over here.

Track list:
1. Season Of The Plow
2. Warmsign
3. Spice Harvester
4. Eternal Heat

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Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion

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DEFENSE 077 / MP31