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Santana ‎–Yaleo cd


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The 1980s started relatively brightly for Santana, with 1981’s platinum-selling Zebop!, which also reached the top 20 in several countries, and continued the more conventional rock sound. The following year, Shangó was released; this album marked a steep decline in the band’s commercial fortunes, although it still achieved gold status. Their following three releases all continued this commercial decline, with the last of these failing to break the Billboard top 100. In the midst of this commercial pitfall, the band were dropped by their record label and the band became a touring act only. Carlos Santana tried to persuade Arista president Clive Davis, who originally signed the group to Columbia Records in 1969, that he would sign them to Arista and that he could record a radio friendly pop rock album. Clive Davis gave Santana a second chance and the end result was Supernatural, an album that would become a huge commercial success worldwide, generating renewed interest in Santana’s music. It reached No. 1 in eleven countries, including the US for 12 non-consecutive weeks, where it is certified 15× platinum. Supernatural won nine Grammy Awards, including the award for Album of the Year, and also won three Latin Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year. The album was released on June 15, 1999 and Santana toured Usa and Canada for the rest of that year. Before going to Japan in April of 2000 they went over to Europe for three special promotional gigs in January of 2000 to promote the upcoming European tour that would start in the middle of May. The third of these special promo shows was performed at Maison De La Radio in Paris, France on the 29th of January and this special radio show has been released on this Yaleo album. Even though it was winter in France and cold outside it couldnt stop hot blooded latin guitarist Carlos Santana that really are on fire here. His soulful and powerful guitarplaying is a joy here.

Track list:
1. Intro/Spiritual
2. (Da Le) Yaleo
3. Migra
4. Love Of My Life
5. Put Your Lights On
6. Guerilla (Africa Bamba)-with Touré Kunda
7. Day Of Celebration
8. Victory Is Won
9. Maria Maria
10. Bacalao Con Pan
11. Oye Como Va-Tito Puente cover
12. Apache / Smooth
13. Jing-go-la-ba-Babatunde Olatunji cover-with Touré Kunda

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