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Saracen ‎–Heroes Saints And Fools cd


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2018 Italian cd  re-issue

“Now you know the final answer – kneel before the necromancer. Yes your day of judgment is coming – can’t you see the horsemen running free”

Derbyshire’s Saracen was a hard, verging on progressive, rock ensemble that was founded in Derbyshire in 1976. The band released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Heroes, Saints And Fools’ in 1981 and were caught up in the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal genre. However the band never tried to overtly latch onto the movement’s coattails, and was all fine musicians in their own right, particularly singer Steven Bettney, who possessed a rich and powerful voice. While this is not a concept album – as are later works from the outfit, this one has several similarly themed medieval tracks, and weaves a cool feel throughout album; heavy use of keys and driving sounds, with great riffs bring this feel to life. There’s also a couple of long, serious tracks; ‘Ready to Fly’, ‘Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, ‘Crusader’ and the emotional title track all sit above six minutes. This is a welcome change when sifting through the umpteenth different obscure NWOBHM demo from every stretch of the British Isles. Utter professionalism is evident in this band’s debut album. Brilliant songwriting and attention to even the smallest details – not to mention a totally unique sound make this one an absolute NWOBHM must-have. Perfect mixture of the dirty thundering impact of riffs in ‘Rock of Ages’ and the passionate proto-power metallism of and grandeur of the sublime ‘Ready to Fly’ make for one of the most interesting and enjoyable NWOBHM records there is. Saracen is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in NWOBHM and are totally deserving of a much greater fan base.

Track list:
1. Crusader
2. Rock Of Ages
3. No More Lonely Nights
4. Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
5. Heroes, Saints And Fools
6. Dolphin Ride
7. Ready To Fly

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