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Sarcofago -Decade Of Decay dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover, poster and 4 page booklet

This compilation album features one previously unreleased track, old demo material and studio tracks from the bands four first albums. This was compiled by the band to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The tracks were mastered at Polifonia Studio by Andre and Sarcofago in October and November of 1995.

Track list:
1. The Lost Of Innocence-previously unreleased
2. Orgy Of Flies-from Hate 1994
3. Hate-from Hate 1994
4. The Gods Faeces-from Hate 1994
5. Song For My Death-from Hate 1994
6. Midnight Queen-from The Laws Of Scourge 1991
7. Screeches From The Silence-from The Laws Of Scourge 1991
8. Piercings-from The Laws Of Scourge 1991
9. Crush, Kill, Destroy-from The Laws Of Scourge 1991
10. Nightmare-from Rotting 1989
11. Rotting-from Rotting 1989
12. I.N.R.I.-from I.N.R.I. 1987
13. Desecration Of Virgin-from I.N.R.I. 1987
14. Recrucify-from The Black Vomit demo 1986
15. The Black Vomit-from The Black Vomit demo 1986
16. Satanic Lust-from Christs Death demo 1987
17. Christ’s Death-from Christs Death demo 1987
18. The Anal Rape Of God-from Satanic Lust demo 1986
19. Satanas-from Satanic Lust demo 1986
20. Third Slaughter-from Satanic Lust demo 1986

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