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Sarcofago -Hate lp [red]


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American 2018 release on dark red vinyl with gatefold cover and a 4 page insert

The hardest thing with Sarcofagos fourth album Hate is the drum machine. It is also mixed in pretty high and after awhile it gets annoying even if it gives the album an extremely intense, rushing feel. Theres basically two main kinds of songs here. Theres the all-out assaults of blastbeating Black Metal like in Satanic Terrorism, and the slower-to-midpaced songs like Orgy Of Flies, with bits of Thrash integrated into both. One definite highlight I have to name is the title track, which begins with about 12 seconds of piano playing, and just about 2 lines of an extremely happy man and woman singing about Jesus. You then hear a burp, and the man and woman and running and screaming as Sarcofago invade the place. Its kind of over the top, but the end result is pretty kickass. A couple other notable songs are The Gods Faeces (with an insanely catchy intro riff) and Rhabdovirus (The Pitbull’s Curse) [with an insanely catchy Thrash break at the 1:22 mark]. If you dont mind the idea of a well-produced Black Metal album with a drum machine, then get this. This album doesnt drag, and none of the actual songs are filler, although you might feel compelled to skip the outro track (which is just the drum machine going faster and faster, then slower again at the end while you hear various moans and other sound effects).

Track list:
1. Intro / Song For My Death
2. Pact Of Cum
3. The God’s Faeces
4. Satanic Terrorism
5. Orgy Of Flies
6. Hate
7. The Phantom
8. Rhabdovirus (The Pitbulls Curse)
9. Anal Vomit
10. The Beggars Uprising

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