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Sarcofago -The Black Vomit 7″


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Black vinyl. Limited 40 copies

Brazil’s Sarcofago rank among the more notorious also-rans in the South American nation’s first wave of extreme metal bands. This country’s full-fledged underground movement may have only spawned one significant megastar in the international arena, which being the legendary Sepultura, but, ironically, Sepultura is where Sarcofago main man Antichrist (aka Wagner Lamounier) actually got his start. Kicked out of the band before they’d recorded a single note, Lamounier founded Sarcofago with the express mission of out-doing his former friends, now rivals, dedicating himself to composing songs and lyrics of the most violent and scatological nature imaginable. Clearly he failed in terms of commercial success, but Sarcofago’s early works remains an oft-referenced touchstone for black metal musicians worldwide. This single features 3 early studio tracks as well as a live version of The Black Vomit recorded in 1986
Track listing:
1. Recrucify
2. The Black Vomit
3. Satanas
4. The Black Vomit-live 1986

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