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The Sarcophagus ‎–Hate Cult 7″ [white]


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White vinyl. Limited 100 copies

The Sarcophagus is a Turkish black metal band with several members of the band Raven Woods. When it was time to record their debut album they recruited the infamous Kvarforth form Shining as a session singer for their recordings, and his performance here is nothing short of phenomenal, on par with any of his better releases through his mainstay Shining. The guy just lets loose here, with a maddening, manly rough edge to his tone that would probably shave the stubble off your chin if you could package it to accessorize your favourite razor. The band plays in an ever charging style of melodic black which is made bolder than it should by both the vocals and the raw, echoing atmosphere it is recorded in. It’s both carnal and strangely soothing, and though the riffs individually do not often impress, their marriage with the shadowy, mountainous tones provides an unmistakable journey, which is the ideal for any black metal effort. The Sarcophagus will transport you somewhere, whether it’s the desolate summit of an earthen spire or the deepest, dankest dungeon in which you await your execution. Well worth tracking down, whether you appreciate this singer’s other bands or just a good swift ass kicking loyal to the forefathers of the genre.

Track list:
1. Misanthropic
2. The Sarcophagus

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OPEP 224