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Sarea ‎–Black At Heart cd


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What is the main reason behind the idea of some bands when mixing metal styles? The answer is very simple: the need to be different in a world where clones are pumping everywhere, especially now, when to copy what was already done became a way for the untalented ones who dare to play musical instruments and call themselves Metal bands. Their only way is through the toilet cane to the cesspool. But bands as the sextet Sarea from Norrköping (Sweden) have their space on Metal scene, because “Black At Heart” is a very good album, indeed. Mixing a Metalcore sound with some Melodic Death Metal influences (especially on the guitars and on the screamed voices), their musical work is really amazing, charming and their modern melodies enters our ears and don’t leave our minds anymore. Be prepared, because “Black At Heart” can exasperate you, but as soon as you became spent, they will conquer you. The sound quality is very good, keeping the band sounding clean, modern and brutal (when the band plays in an aggressive way) at the same time.

Track list:
1. Lights
2. Black at Heart
3. Perception
4. The Others
5. Let Us Fall
6. Duality
7. The Dormant National
8. Monotone
9. Control
10. Dead Eyes
11. All for None
12. Circles

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SMCD 1001