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Satan -Early rituals dlp [blue]


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Double album on blue vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 500 copies

In the 1980s, UK Legendary Heavy Metal band Satan made three different demos which were distributed on cassette tape format. The songs on each demo give the listener a broad indication of where the band was at both artistically and technically. What’s interesting about this release is that it features three different singers and three different drummers. Satan was in a constant state of flux in those early days, energy and free time were all they had. The band is proud of their history and hope you enjoy these now exclusively fully remastered demos.

Track list:
1. Kiss Of Death-from Guardian demo 1981
2. Heads Will Roll-from Guardian demo 1981
3. Oppression-from Guardian demo 1981
4. The Executioner-from Guardian demo 1981
5. Into The Fire – Trial By Fire-Into The Fire-demo 1982
6. Blades Of Steel-Into The Fire-demo 1982
7. No Turning Back-Into The Fire-demo 1982
8. Break Free-Into The Fire-demo 1982
9. Pull The Trigger-Into The Fire-demo 1982
10. The Ritual-Into The Fire-demo 1982
11. Key To Oblivion-The Dirt demo 1986
12. Hear Evil See Evil Speak Evil-The Dirt demo 1986
13. Fuck You-The Dirt demo 1986
14. The Ice Man-The Dirt demo 1986

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