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Satanic Ripper -Southern Black Spells lp [clear]


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Clear vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 100 copies

The debut album, Southern Black Spells, introduced these Chilean maniacs to the international metal scene with a billowing black cloud stinking of sin and sulfur. Satanic Ripper refer to their black thrashing attack as “Evil Grave Metal,” and truly, it’s an accurate demi-tag: neither too traditionally black metal nor exclusively thrash-minded, the quintet forge a scrappy, salacious, and yet strangely addicting sound that’s got grit and atmosphere to spare, as well as devilishly good songwriting and utterly possessed performances. Their debut is, in fact, a ripper. Razor-sharp blackthrash anthems of hatred and disgust for the bearded hustler, this one is a dirty throwback to the age of olde. They rip into ‘The Flight Of The Witch’ form the start and don’t let up for six minutes. The bulldoze bass-break and descending coda that follows gives this a bit of room to breathe. The arpeggio in the end is especially glum before they launch into the battering ram of death that is ‘Sexual Schizophrenia.’ If you’ve been privy to anything Brazil, Chile, Peru, etc, have offered in the wretched blackthrash genre, you know damn well what this sounds like. At 11 songs and 45 minutes, it’s a little bloated, but nonetheless relentless and disgusting, chock full of face-shredding riffs and occult-chanted madness. Don’t let the middle-school name fool you – this one’s a banger

Track list:
1. The Flight Of The Witch
2. Sexual Schizophrenia
3. Blood Magick
4. Chalice, Altar, Spell
5. The Call Of The Moon
6. Walking With Evil Spirits
7. Insane Satanic Screams
8. Open The Grave
9. Offer Your Soul
10. Satanic Ripper
11. The Vengeance Of The Dead

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