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Satanic Warmaster ‎–We Are The Worms That Crawl dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

Finnish black metal act Satanic Warmaster is a one man project by Satanic Tyrant Werwolf aka Nazgul from bands like Blasphemous Evil, Horna, Incriminated, Warloghe, Krieg and Armour. We Are The Worms That Crawl On The Broken Wings Of An Angel is a great compilation album from splits and other compilations from the band. If your looking for that raw Black Metal sound, this is a great one to start with, it’s long with up to 16 tracks making this a great starter if your wanting to get into this band.

Track list:
1. Satans Race
2. Hold On To Your Dreams
3. March Of The Legion Werwolf
4. Six Million Tears
5. Taistelukenttien Kärsimykset
6. A Hymn For The Black Empire
7. The Chant Of The Barbarian Wolves
8. Intro
9. Nameless Sacrifice
10. Dead Light Of A Lost Star
11. Massacre
12. Where Eternity Awaits
13. The Burning Eyes Of The Werewolf
14. The Majesty Of Wampyric Blood
15. Lords And Tyrants
16. Black Metal Death

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