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Satanic Warmaster -Of The Night mcd


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Finnish black metal act Satanic Warmaster is a one man project by Satanic Tyrant Werwolf aka Nazgul from bands like Blasphemous Evil, Horna, Incriminated, Warloghe, Krieg and Armour. This 2004 EP extends over 21 minutes. The first chapter is cold, primitive, old-school black metal, with tempos varying between medium and fast, blastbeats a-plenty, and great throat-shredding vocals from Satanic Werwolf Tyrant – nothing fancy or symphonic about this. The song ends with a weird ambient section, all reverberant percussion and subterranean acoustics. The second track, Chronicles Of The Astral Blood, leads off with a slow tempo and compellingly repetitive riff, before picking up pace with a blastbeat and some agonised shrieks. The songs sounds like early Burzum, Sargeist and old Darkthrone. For more contemporary comparisons, look to Wyrd or Kampfar, who have a similar guitar sound. Drums are done by Mikko A from Clandestine Blaze.

Track list:
1. Of The Night
2. Chronicles Of Thy Astral Blood

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