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Satans Fall –Forever Blind 7″


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Black vinyl. Limited 233 numbered copies

Satan’s Fall are a Finnish heavy metal band formed in early 2015 in the city of Helsinki. The band was formed under the name Satans Cross and consists of musicians who are or were otherwise active in more extreme bands such as Beyond The Catacombs, Omnious and Urn. Here the band members can live out their love for traditional, classic heavy metal. Forever Blind is steeped in the melodies and might of 80s metal, with plenty of speed metal fire and a dash of deathly menace, the song may share plenty of DNA with the NWOBHM revivalist contingent, but there is nothing sepia-tinted or nostalgic about their execution. Instead, this five-piece attack everything like marauding berserkers, exhibiting the same sort of spiky energy and haughtiness that made Wolf’s early records so addictive. This is also a band that has made some of the most odd covers. Earlier they have made covers of A Lot Will Happen by SOS. That’s right, it’s the title song of the TV series Marienhof. Satans Fall tried to sing it in Deutsch and the end result sounded like Die Toten Hosen. Then theer was another TV cover, Go Go Power Rangers by Ron Wasserman. For this single the band has chosen to do a cover of a Kenny Loggins cover. Some of the bands cover works very well while the SOS track might have come out a bit silly. But either way. I must agree that its so much funnier to hear tracks like this sounding heavy metal then to hear another cover version of Paranoid or Anarchy In The Uk. Hail to Satans Fall

Track list:
1. Forever Blind
2. Danger Zone-Kenny Loggins cover

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