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Satans Fall –Seven Nights 7″


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Black vinyl. Limited 233 numbered copoies

Satan’s Fall are a Finnish heavy metal band formed in early 2015 in the city of Helsinki. The band was formed under the name Satans Cross and consists of musicians who are or were otherwise active in more extreme bands such as Beyond The Catacombs, Omnious and Urn. Here the band members can live out their love for traditional, classic heavy metal. The band joins a whole generation of young groups that celebrates the heavy metal of the eighties, which is often wrongly declared dead, and refers to the glorious bands of that era. The bands timeless heavy metal takes listeners into a world of catchy melodies, sing-along choruses, rolling riffs and thunderous drums. Satans Fall combines classic NWOBHM with traditional Teutonic steel and some speed metal. The high, slightly exaggerated and rough voice of frontman Miika Kokko is striking, which is sometimes a little off but fits the band’s generally carefree attitude.

Track list:
1. Poisonhead
2. Steel Highway
3. Seven Nights

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