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Satans Satyrs ‎–The Lucky Ones cd


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From Herndon, Virginia, something wicked this way comes. Raised on riffs and cult VHS flicks, Satans Satyrs combine the super-fuzz garage sensibilities of Detroit in 65 and the heaviness of contemporary doom, and through a series of ultra-limited singles and EPs have become one of the most talked up underground bands at the time of their debut. 9 years after their debut the band released their fourth album, The Lucky Ones, and it feels like the band have no real interest in the outside world, the still sound like their caught in the 70s, and that can be said about many retro acts of today but many goes in the footstep of Black Sabbath and their llikes. Satans Satyrs on the other hand mixes everything from Blue Cheer, MC5, David Bowie and The Stooges and there arent many bands that manage to have this many twists and turns in a career, never mind just over half an hour that is the running time of The Lucky Ones. Sounds strange? Yes it really is and thats the strength of the band, not many can sound like a turbo-charged version of Elvis Costello with as as much fuzzy lead as a fu Manchu record and pull it off. So whatever exactly it is that they’re actually doing, whatever you want to call it, they seem to be the only ones out there doing it right now, and they’re doing it well.

Track list:
1. Thrill Of The City
2. The Lucky Ones
3. She Beast
4. Take It And Run
5. You And Your Boots
6. Too Early To Fold
7. Pulp Star
8. Trampled By Angels (For E.B.)
9. Permanent Darkness

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