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Satans Taint ‎–Axe To The Head Of My Enemies cd


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For many years loyal fans of Bobby Gustafson have been begging him to release his own music. Yes, THAT Bobby G., the guitarist on Overkill’s first album Feel The Fire, the composer of all those memorable thrash riffs plus those on Taking Over, Under The Influence, The Years Of Decay…songs that still make up the majority of that band’s set list. Luckily for us, Bobby obliged them and us and put out an incredible album that harkens back to what thrash metal used to sound like, with some modern influences to make it even tastier. If you think you need to hail from a Scandinavian country and have umlauts somewhere in your name to play Viking-inspired metal, think again. Bobby and Co. do an incredible job capturing the feel and sound of this genre, with the opening track “Asatru” (“Faith In The Gods”) conjuring up an image of being smack in the middle of a sword fight. With a war drum intro, thrashing riffs, ripping solo and overall heaviness, the listener knows right away that they’re in for something special. Dan Ortega’s strong, raspy vocals complement the bold lyrics and heavy guitars perfectly. The speed doesn’t let up in “Killing Spree”, a classic thrasher that was meant for headbanging. “He Who Wore The Crown” has more of a bluesy feel to it, while “Gutpile” is pure, delicious brutality, lyrically and musically. Did I mention that on most of the tracks on this album Bobby G. also handles bass duties? “All Out War” just makes you want to pick up an axe and start slaying, with a catchy lick, deeper vocals and squealing guitars. “Gothic Serpent” is doomier, while “Battle Of Bravalla” nods to the death metal lovers among us. “Song For The Einherjar” is a beautiful instrumental, and the album finishes strong with the plundering “The Hammer And The Cross.” This entire album is a testament to the incredible musical, not just guitar, talents of Bobby Gustafson. If you love thrash, classic, “Viking”, and melodic death metal, songs about battles and war, hell, if you love METAL, you need to own this album.

Track list:
1. Asatru
2. Killing Spree
3. He Who Wore The Crown
4. Deliver Me To The Gods
5. Gutpile
6. All Out War
7. Gothic Serpent
8. Battle Of Bravalla
9. Song For Einherjar
10. The Hammer And The Cross

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