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Sator -Return Of The Barbie-Q-Killers dlp [blue]


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Double album on turquoise blue vinyls with gatefold cover

In 1994, Sator released the cover album Barbie-Q-Killers where the band made their own versions of obscure punk songs! The album quickly became a favorite among the band’s fans and the demand for a sequel have followed the band ever since. Nin 2022 the wait was fiinally over. Return Of The Barbie-Q-Killers is the long-awaited sequel, which is the band’s tribute to bands like Redd, Kross, Devo, Blitzkrieg Bop, 999, The Waves, Pointed Sticks, The Undertones, The Boys, Zero boys, The Last, Unnatural Ax, White Flag, Screamers, The Go-Go’s, The Young Lords, Darby Crash Band, The Normals and many more! Saturday Night pogo rules OK!

Track list:
1. Get Out Of My Way-Blitzkrieg Bop cover
2. Shimmy Shake-Devo cover
3. Brown Eyed Son-The Waves cover
4. Pumps, Purse And A Pillbox Hat-Redd Kross cover
5. Out Of Time-Darby Crash Band cover
6. Mental Case-Non Compos Mentis cover
7. Häll-Långvård cover
8. Rocket And A Rose-Swingers Resort cover
9. Do The Fast-The Undertones cover
10. (I Need) Action-Thee Waalt Diisneey Prooduuctiion cover
11. Job For Me-Soul Asylum cover
12. You Don’t Seem Real-Bollocks cover
13. If I Can’t Have What I Want, I Don’t Want Anything-Screamers cover
14. Vicious Circle-The Go-Gos
15. Backstage Pass-The Boys cover
16. I’m Bored-Zero Boys cover
17. How Could You?-Pointed Sticks cover
18. Go Away Girl-The Last cover
19. Gå Til Gud-White Flag cover
20. Dog Eat World-The Normals cover
21. In With The Crowd-Metros cover
22. Supply And Demand-The Bureaucrats cover
23. Big Burden-The Young Lords cover
24. Slam-999 cover
25. Can’t Relate-The Absentees-cover
26. Fight Or Flight-Th Cigaretz cover
27. I’m A Reactor-The Reactors cover
28. 3 Chord Rock-Unnatural Axe cover
29. Last Of You-Broncs cover

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