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Satyricon -Ten Horns Ten Diadems cd [box]


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Still sealed clam shell box with digipak cd and a 30 page booklet with biography, rare photos of the group, and Satyr’s thoughts on each of the songs included on this compilation.

Satyricon are one of the originators of the modern black metal sound, from their early medieval stylings to the ferocious modern attack of their later albums Satyricon have always been two steps ahead of the black metal pack. This is a best of compilation bringing together the highlights of the band’s first 10 years on one album.

Track listing:
1. Filthgrinder
2. Dominions Of Satyricon-remastered
3. Forhekset
4. Night Of Divine Power-remastered
5. Hvite Krists Dod
6. Mother North
7. Supersonic Journey
8. Taakeslottet-remastered
9. Serpent’s Rise
10. Repined Bastard Nation

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