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Savage -1979-1982 lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 250 copies

In 1983 Savage released their debut album, Loose N Lethal which was widely hailed as a classic of the time both for the killer songs and distinctive guitar tone as well as the speed and aggression contained therein. Little did the band know at the time, their earlier tracks, released before their debut created a reaction in the heavy metal landscape that continues to this day nearly 40 years later. This album includes that rare material. Here you have:

Let It Loose/Dirty Money (from the Scene Of The Crime compilation:
Everybody who has heard these tracks know these are THEE versions, superior even to the Loose and Lethal takes. Unhinged performances with the heaviest rawest tone, barely being held together from flying off the rails.

Aint No Fit Place/ChinaRun -from the Ebony Records 1982 single
More heads down, no nonsense takes of classic Savage with that tone. Merges ultra heaviness with
the knack for writing great riffs and hooks.

Aint No Fit Place – from The Metal Fatigue compilation
Another alternate take of the classic. This one adds the intro that the single leaves out but would be perfected on the debut.

No Cause To Kill/The Devil Take You -from the 1980 demo
Two killer tracks that show the band already nearly full formed. These have shown up as bonus tracks on various japanese cd versions and recent cd reissues.

Back On The Road/She Dont Need You/Let It Loose -from the 1979 demo
Again two more killer trax showing the band already knew what they were up to plus the very first version of Let it Loose which is a bit more restrained but chugs along like few others from that period.

Track list:
1. Let It Loose (Scene Of The Crime 1981)
2. Dirty Money (Scene Of The Crime 1981)
3. Ain’t No Fit Place (Ebony Records 7″ 1982)
4. The China Run (Ebony Records 7″ 1982)
5. Ain’t No Fit Place (Metal Fatique 1982)
6. No Cause To Kill (Demo 1980)
7. The Devil Take You (Demo 1980)
8. Back On The Road (Demo 1980)
9. She Don’t Need You (Demo 1980)
10. Let It Loose (Demo 1980)

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