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Savage Grace -Master Of Disguise pic disc


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Seam split on plastic sleeve

Very rare original American 1985 picture disc with poster

‘…the thunder echoes, flashes light the sky, bells of death ring in glory…’

Master Of Disguise is a classic groundbreaking metal album. Among the first albums that can be called pure speed metal. Aside from the wicked speed throughout here, completely ahead of its time, this album deluges you into some masterfully crafted metal here. Everything here is extraordinary and incredible. The songs are downright catchy, and there’s crazy hooks and leads to be heard throughout all of them. The riffs are pretty out of this world at times and original, and then the solo’s are just lightning fast and extremely technical. The dual guitars are like unstoppable gatling guns exploding in your face. A lot of the work here is extremely melodic, ‘Into The Fire’ being a great example. Then there’s songs like ‘Fear My Way’ and ‘Sons Of Iniquity’ that have a Walls of Jericho/Ride The Sky syndrome in them; the solo’s just don’t seem to stop coming and they’re just completely explosive and awesome. Lots of nicely executed double bass drumming slamming down left and right. Same can be said about the bass guitars, which is just as fast as the rest of the band. Mike Smith has a extremely aggressive vocals that’s suits perfectly with the music. He can hit extremely high notes and carries them across the void at ease. Overall this album is just downright explosive and top notch in every way. This is an absolute must buy for metal fans of practically any kind. Ultimately recommended!

Track list:
1. Lions Roar
2. Bound To Be Free
3. Fear My Way
4. Sins Of The Damned
5. Into The Fire
6. Master Of Disguise
7. Betrayer
8. Sons Of Iniquity
9. No One Left To Blame

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Erika Records / Important Records

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