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Savage Grace –Ride Into The Night/Demo 1983 cd


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Savage Grace released two very solid albums Master Of Disguise and After The Fall From Grace. They had gone through some line-up changes prior to the After The Fall From Grace album and it felt like they finally had found their style. The new vocalist Christian Logue had a high (falsetto) voice that seemed to fit the music quite well. The band released the Ride Into The Night EP after their second album and it includes some fast tracks with catchy hooks and leads. On this re-issue we also have 4 tracks from an unreleased 1983 demo where we can hear early versions of No One Left To Blame, Into The Fire and Betrayer that later would end upon Master Of Disguise as well as the unreleased track Die By The Blade. This demo was recorded at Sutton Place in Van Nuys back in November 1983. If you love all things 80’s and enjoy what was considered Power Metal at the time then this album would make a fine addition to your collection.

Track listing:
1. Ride Into The Night
2. We March On
3. The Healing Hand
4. Burn-Deep Purple cover
5. Into The Fire-demo 1983
6. No One Left To Blame-demo 1983
7. Die By The Blade-demo 1983
8. Betrayer-demo 1983

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