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Savatage -Live In Japan/Japan Live 94 cd


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Still sealed 2011 re-issue with two bonus tracks

Savatage one of my all time favourite bands released this live album with Zak Stevens on vocals in 1995. The album was originally only called ‘Japan Live 94’, then it was re-issued with a different artwork called ‘Live In Japan’ and then re-issued in 2011 with the original Zak Stevens cover artwork but with the new title ‘Live In Japan’. This was recorded when the band was touring for the album ‘Handful Of Rain’ so its nice to have many live versions from such a great album. However it also means that many of the classic tracks are missing. Zachary Stevens has a super voice that fits the Savatage music very well. This is also the first Savatage album where we have Jeff Plate on drums. This is a great live album from the Zak period of the band. Recorded live in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan on November 12, 1994 and it was the last show on the short Handful Of Rain tour

Track listing:
1. Taunting Cobras
2. Edge Of Thorns
3. Chance
4. Nothin Going On
5. He Carves His Stone
6. Jesus Saves
7. Watching You Fall
8. Castles Burning
9. All That I Bleed
10. Handful Of Rain
11. Sirens
12. Gutter Ballet
13. Damien
14. Hall Of The Mountain King

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