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Savatage -Unplugged cd


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A really interesting compilation album from the mighty Savatage. Here you have some acoustic tracks from the 90s, some bonus tracks from Japan editions and live material from the Gutter Ballet era when Chris Caffery just had joined and then a few oldies from the Hall Of The Mountain King era recorded live at Agora in Cleveland on the 15th of October in 1987.

Track list:
1. Sleep
2. If I Go Away-acoustic
3. Stay-acoustic
4. All That I Bleed-acoustic
5. Desiree-acoustic
6. Forever After
7. Shotgun Innocence
8. This Is Where You Should Be
9. D. T. Jesus
10. The Dungeons Are Calling-Dallas 22nd of April 1990
11. City Beneath The Surface-Dallas 22nd of April 1990
12. When The Crowds Are Gone-Hollywood 25th of June 1990
13. Hall Of The Mountain King-Cleveland 15th of October 1987
14. Power Of The Night-Cleveland 15th of October 1987
15. Devastation-Cleveland 15th of October 1987
16. Sirens-Cleveland 15th of October 1987

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