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Scanner –The Galactos Tapes dcd


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Double cd in digipak cover

The German power/heavy metal band formed back in the 80’s has released The Galactos Tapes. Disc one is a compilation of songs from their career and disc two features songs re-recorded with their current line-up. Disc 1 is of course a must for anyone new to the band wile all Scanner fans will focus on disc 2 to get something that could be considered part new

Track list:
1. Galactos
2. Warp 7
3. We Start It Tomorrow
4. Buy Or Die
5. Across The Universe
6. Puppet On A String
7. Innuendo-Queen cover
8. F.T.B.
9. After The Storm
10. Terrion
11. Out Of Nowhere
12. The Law
13. Judge On The Run
14. Nevermore
15. Always Alien
16. Warp 7-2017 version
17. Puppet On A String-2017 version
18. Across The Universe-2017 version
19. Buy Or Die-2017 version
20. Rubberman-2017 version
21. Terrion-2017 version
22. Wonder-2017 version
23. Tollshocked-2017 version
24. Sister Mary-2017 version
25. Till The Ferryman Dies-2017 version

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