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Scarab -A Soul For A Soul 10″


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Black vinyl 10”. Limited 500 copies

Among N.W.O.B.H.M. collectors, Scarab’s one and only 7 single Poltergeist (released on Pharaoh Records in 1984) is a highly-regarded item. Like every upcoming band Scarab was looking for a proper record deal but luck was not on their side: Every label knew about us in the end, but no one wanted us. We had a few offers in the later days, but we owed so much money by then we really need to get a good offer When the band split, I owed thousands of pounds. In 1984, Scarab took luck into their own hands and issued the legendary Poltergeist single on Pharaoh Records. Paul explains: Poltergeist was a strange thing. We sold 1,000 copies pretty quickly at gigs, only because we did a lot of gigs. All copies came with that classic cover. Pharaoh was indeed my own label. The A-Side Poltergeist was inspired by the movie. I loved the film. But my story has the twist at the end when souls are traded to get the child back. The 2008 Soul For A Soul EP for Miskatonic was a Poltergeist Part 2 really. Paul Britton: We split up for good in 1986. On February the 7th I walked away from the last show and knew it was the end. Dave and I (along with drummer Chris McHale and Garry Wain (Chemikill) recorded the EP Soul For A Soul in 2008 which went out on Miskatonic. I know the label wasnt keen on it, but I’m very proud of the EP, I consider it the only time I have ever liked how I sounded on a Scarab track.

Track listing:
1. A Soul For A Soul
2. The Plague
3. For Whom The Bells Toll

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