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Scepter -Im Going To Hell cd


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Together with Cianide, Eternal Hatred and Usurper, Scepter was in the forefront of the Chicago old school death / thrash scene in the mid 90s to late 90s. After a very successful debut demo (Up Thy Ass) and a slightly weaker mini album (Metal Supremacy), the first longplayer, Im Going To Hell, of these three metal maniacs followed, which presents the band in much better shape. The ten original compositions tie in almost seamlessly with the Up Thy Ass material and once again prove to be a musical melting pot made of known metallic raw material. Scepter unabashedly combine the typical riffing of Hellhammer / Celtic Frost with the songwriting of the old masters, and with Obsessed By Metal you even have a more than obvious bow to the early musical work of Sodom on the pan. In general, the organ of Scepeter bassist / singer John Karnes often sounds frighteningly like that of the young Tom Angelripper. The band also has a good feel for feeling and raw sounds. Even the interwoven textual clichés come across far more believable than with most other bands that jumped on the old school bandwagon.

Track list:
1. I’m Going To Hell
2. Ready To Rape
3. Payback’s A Bitch
4. Deathspell
5. Predestination
6. The Day Of Reckoning
7. Solitary Suicide
8. Eyes Of The Watcher
9. Yakub’s Mistake
10. Obsessed By Metal

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