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Scream 3 Days ‎–Kolera 666 cd


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The melodic death metal act SCream 3 Days were founded in Turin, Italy back in 2010. Their debut EP, The House Without Windows, followed a year later and their first full length album, Kolera 666, arrived in spring of 2017. This debut album is a nice mix of thrash metal and Swedish melodeath with vocals that ranges from growls to screams. So expect melody and technical precision delivered with heaviness, speed and anger

Track list:
1. Apocalypses Will
2. No One
3. The Worst Is Yet To Come
4. Sweet Dirge
5. Sacrificed All Days
6. The Goddess Of
7. Hate Pusher
8. Green Five Soul
9. Kolera 666

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Punishment 18 Records

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P18R 125

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