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Scream –No More Censorship lp [RSD 2017]


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Still sealed Record Store Day 2017 release with a 32 page booklet. Colours can be black, yellow, clear, orange, green or red

Coming on the tail end of the initial D.C. hardcore explosion, Scream formed in 1982 and signed to Dischord Records. That fall, the original line-up of the Stahl brothers, singer Peter, guitarist Franz and bassist Skeeter Thompson and drummer Kent Stax teamed with Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara to produce the raucous Still Screaming. The original group went on to release This Side Up in 1985 and Banging the Drum in 1987. That year, Scream switched to Ras Records, a D.C. reggae label trying to expand into rock, and gave an 18-year-old drummer his first shot with a touring band. Dave Grohl’s drumming and backup vocals can be heard on No More Censorship, released in 1988. Grohl began showcasing his writing talents on Fumble, recorded in 1989 and released posthumously in 1993. When the band went on indefinite hiatus in 1990, Grohl went off to Seattle to join then-underground Nirvana. Scream reunited, sans Grohl, to tour briefly in the early ’90s. Franz Stahl joined Grohl in Foo Fighters from 1997-1999.

Track list:
1. Take It From The Top
2. Something In My Head
3. Binge
4. God Squad
5. Hit Me
6. Dreams
7. No More Censorship
8. It’s The Time
9. Fucked Without A Kiss
10. GLC
11. Run To The Sun
12. No Escape

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Southern Lord Records

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LORD 203

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