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Secret Alliance -Solar Warden cd


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Secret Alliance was founded by guitarist Gianluca Galli (Silver Horses, Mantra and Time Machine) as a solo project where he wanted to create heavy metal music with some extra complexity. Together with drummer Ricardo Confessori (Angra/Shaman) and fantastic hard rock bassist Tony Franklin (The Firm/Lana Lane/Blue Murder) he set up the foundation of the music. Then he added some guest musicians to the recording of this futuristic and sci-fi themed album. The guests were Andrea Castelli from Cappanera and Mantra, Andrea Bartolini from Machine Messiah as well as Frank Gambale from Chick Corea Band and guitar virtuoso Alex Masi. When heard about the project I was thinking about some really space age project but that not what it turns out to be. This is retro bluesy hardrock with some weird key changes and time signatures added to the mix. Definitely an interesting hardrock album not as dark and melancholy that things might suggest. So dont miss this one

Track list:
1. We’re All In
2. The Contdown
3. Walking Man
4. Last Day
5. The Wardens
6. Jaily Miracle
7. No Faith
8. Comet Smile
9. A New Tomorrow
10. Superheroes
11. Dark Side
12. Abum D’bashmayo

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