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Sencirow –Perception Of Fear cd [promo]


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PROMOTIONAL ONLY means issued by record company in very limited quantity and sent to selected Industry professionals ONLY for promotional consideration/airplay. Never for sale and highly collectible releases

German promo cd in cardboard sleeve.

Sencirow is a German power metal band playing speedy riffs, hammering drums, forceful guitars, stomping bass, and a great singer that sounds like Peavy from Rage. Their songs are characterized by melodic arrangements, some US-style thrash riffage, and excellent twin guitar harmonies. Theband started out by releasing two albums themselves before getting signed to AFM Records and releasing Perception Of Fear in 2006. Generic, happy Euro power metal this is not. On the contrary, Sencirow knows how to assemble material that both rocks hard with relentless riffs that are fiercely thrown at you and stuff that has lots of melodic content. Daniel Seifert’s aggressive vocal lines are a bit like earlier Rage, particularly on the more midtempo rocker Insidious Dimensions, complete with great drumming and a strong bass foundation. Actually, the album makes a fast start after a short acoustic intro, delving into the depths of US power metal with Burn It Down, a song that sticks in your mind for its infectious chorus and speed-of-light kicks drums, not to mention the fast soloing. Coming next is an equally masterful power metal anthem, Connection Of Evil, which also displays the band’s ear for melody and the singer’s impressive screams that complement the outrageous twin guitar unison. Killer riffs are aplenty on Fear while Wargames is the answer to instrumental Euro power metal during its long intro. It begins with acoustic guitars but then wastes no time delving initially into Smolski-like blues licks and ending with face-ripping, thrashy guitar chords. It’s only then when the vocals are introduced to the mix and the song concludes in a typical power metal fashion. This is worth checking out if you’re a fan of bands like Iron Maiden, Rage, Iron Saviour, and Gamma Ray’s Land Of The Free period.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Burn It Down
3. Connection Of Evil
4. Fear
5. Incidious Dimensions
6. Keeper Of Souls
7. Wargames
8. Secret Thoughts
9. The Storm
10. Dreamspace

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