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Sentient Horror ‎–Morbid Realms lp [swirl]


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Black and gray swirl vinyl with a 4 page insert. Limited 100 copies

Sentient Horror are a New Jersey based death metal band who fuse the brutality and savagery of old school death metal with a passion for metal’s melodic roots. Since forming in 2014 under the name Sentience and evolving into Sentient Horror shortly after, their technical and unrelenting assault have crushed fans around the world. They stamped a legacy of violence with their debut full length Ungodly Forms in 2016 and continued the campaign with 2018’s Below The Crypts EP and then the band released their critically acclaimed sophomore album Morbid Realms in 2019. Regarding the direction of this album, Founder/ Vocalist/ Lead Guitarist, Matt Moliti states: Through the writing process, Morbid Realms became a much more serious, angry, mature, and aggressive sounding album than our debut, Ungodly Forms. I wanted to recall the unexpected song arrangements and more complicated structures of the classic early 90s death metal albums. Lyrically, the album incorporates more otherworldly horror, inspired by authors like Clive Barker and HP Lovecraft. With flashy guitar lines roaring out over chainsaw guitars, Sentient Horror show their songwriting has only improved with this effort. There is an intensity here that fascinates the listener. By the time the track wraps up it’s clear that Sentient Horror have unleashed a bona fide pit starter.

Track list:
1. Call Of Ancient Gods
2. Bound To Madness
3. Sworn To The Dead
4. Reanimated
5. Ripped From Hell
6. Loss Of Existence
7. Black Wings Of Delirium
8. Obsessive Killing Disorder
9. Morbid Realms
10. Cemetery Slaughter

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TR 018LP

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