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Sentient Horror ‎–The Crypts Below lp [splatter]


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Clear with orange and black splatter vinyl with printed innersleeve. Limited 100 copies

Sentient Horror was formed in 2014 by lead guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Matt Moliti (ex-Dark Empire) and when you hear this EP then is clear that you dont have to name-drop one of Moliti’s favorite Lovecraft stories (The Shadow Out Of Time) to enjoy the record, but it sure as hell won’t hurt. This kind of old school death metal will never go out of style. It has a massive buzzsaw brutality and features all the Lovecraftian menace you can pack into 20 minutes. Sentient Horror simply know how Swedish death metal has to sound os if youre a fan of the Sunlight Studio sound then you need to dig deeper into this band.

Track list:
1. Enter Crypts Below
2. Bled Dry By The Night
3. Hatchet Crimes
4. Hell Marked
5. Darkday-Edge Of Sanity cover

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Testimony Records / Redefining Darkness Records

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