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Sepultura -Arise cds


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1992 cd single

Sepultura had shocked the thrash metal world in 1989 with the release of their third album, Beneath The Remains, whose seamless combination of songwriting chops and utter brutality quickly transformed the Brazilians from scene outsiders to one of its brightest hopes. The band toured nonstop in support of the album for most of the following two years, and was therefore pressured by both time constraints and enormous expectations when the bandmembers finally entered Tampa’s Morrisound Studios with producer Scott Burns to record 1991’s Arise. The album was a major succes and the first single Dead Embryonic Cells was unquestionably the strongest of the band’s career. For the second single the band chosed to release the title track Arise. And when the accompanying video got banned due to being filled with apocalyptic religious imagery by some cable networks, then it would generate even more publicity than Sepultura could have hoped for. The single was backed up by two live tracks recorded in Barcelona on the 31st of May 1991.

Track list:
1. Arise
2. Inner Self-live Barcelona 1991
3. Troops Of Doom-live Barcelona 1991

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