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Sepultura -Dead Embryonic Cells mcd


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Rare original 1991 US pressing

Sepultura’s second single, Dead Embryonic Cells, was released to promote the album Arise. This single features three tracks of nearly perfected executions of death/thrash metal. At this stage in their career, the band had recorded little material to be used as B-sides, which is why the Arise singles are so similar. This single and the next, Under Siege (Regnum Irae) have exactly the same artwork (a detail of the Arise album cover artwork by Michael Whelan) and B-sides. The single also features the band covering the Motorhead tune Orgasmatron as well as a re-recorded version of Troops Of Doom that originally appeared on the Morbid Visions album.

Track list:
1. Dead Embryonic Cells
2. Orgasmatron-Motorhead cover
3. Troops Of Doom-1991 version

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RCD 2422