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Shades Of Grey –Sounds Of War cd


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In the late 80s and early 90s there was an unbelievable active, creative and energetic underground metal scene worldwide. And most of those different places had their own sound. When it comes to thrash metal you can think of Californian Bay Area style, the German way of thrashing or the more technical Texas thrash. One city though that all these records labels missed back then was Chesterton, Indiana and the technical thrash metal act Shades Of Grey. They were praised in music magazines and fanzine from Canada down to Brazil and all over Europe to the very South of Australia. Everyone into technical stuff, 80s metal music in general, or into Shades Of Grey in particular, has been waiting for this release. Filled with each and every song from the band’s four demos remastered and packed with a 20-page-booklet. If your into technical thrash metal or remember this band then go get this immediately

Track list:
1. The Art Of Killing-Under The Skeptics Eye demo 1991
2. Misplaced Power-Under The Skeptics Eye demo 1991
3. An Insufferable Fate-Under The Skeptics Eye demo 1991
4. So Whos Your God-Under The Skeptics Eye demo 1991
5. House Of Fools-House Of Fool demo 1989
6. Terminal Affliction-House Of Fool demo 1989
7. Rage Of Insanity-House Of Fool demo 1989
8. Pizza Face-House Of Fool demo 1989
9. Under The Skeptics Eye-House Of Fool demo 1989
10. Legions Of Corruption-House Of Fool demo 1989
11. Sounds Of War-House Of Fool demo 1989
12. House Of Fools-Demo 2 1989
13. Legions Of Corruption-Demo 2 1989
14. Pizza Face-Demo 2 1989
15. The Fourth Reich-Demo 2 1989
16. Rage Of Insanity-Demo 2 1989
17. House Of Fools-Demo 1 1988
18. Isolated-Demo 1 1988
19. Pizza Face-Demo 1 1988

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