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Shaggy –Fighting Angels And Demons lp


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Rare private pressing on black vinyl with printed innersleeve

The story of Shaggy (the Swedish rock band) is a fascinating one. Born in the early 70’s and releasing only one album, Lessons For Beginners, in 1974, the band spent decades faded from memory and existence. With the growth of the internet in the early 2000s the band sprung back into the spotlight for both the audience and the original members of the band. Slowly, it became clear that there was a patiently waiting audience for new Shaggy material and the band began working on a come-back album. The process was slow, partly due to the death of original bassist Janna Gustavson during the recording process. Then the band finally released their sophomore release Fighting Angels And Demons in 2019. Things hasnt changed that much and the release is a love blend of many of our favorite 70s Rock and proto-Metal styles ranging from washy, 70s Prog to Rainbow-esq hard driving, early Power Metal. If you loved Lessons For Beginniners then you need to ad this to your collection.

Track list:
1. Black Hearted Angel
2. Boundless Love
3. No Soldiers Of God
4. A Thousand Miles
5. Dark Symphony
6. Runner In The Dark
7. Self Destruction

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