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She Said Destroy ‎–Human All Too Human cdR


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Official and original cdR demo

She Said Destroy, a blasting metal juggernaut from Norway, released their debut album Time Like Vines, on Candlelight Records, in April 2006 to much critical acclaim. Drawing influences from noise rock, thrash, death metal and black metal alike, this unit has through both live performances and recorded material been prying the eyes and ears of whoever crosses their path open. The story of the band however goes back some more years. The band started out in Asker in 2000 under the name of Peppermynte Gymsokk and released two cdR demos before they changed name in 2003 to She Said Destroy, a name taken after a Death In June song. As She Said Destroy they released three more cdR demos; Demo (2003), Armageddon Anyone? (2004) and Human All Too Human (2004). This last demo was a one track demo recorded on the 4th of March 2004 at the Strand Residence

Track list:
1. Human All Too Human

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