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Shining -Förtvivlan Min Arvedel 7″ [misspressed/red]


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Withdrawn misspressed version with the labels reversed. Comes in a plain white cover

Vinyl single on red vinyl with one track taken from the Fodd Forlorare album backed up with an exclusive Alice Cooper cover track not available anywhere else. Fortvivlan, Min Arvedel (Despair, My Heritage) is about as bleak and hopeless as it could be, but the music is striking. It’s almost two songs in one — a galvanizing charge of groove-inscribed black-metal catharsis and haunting melodies carried by acoustic guitar and clean singing. Yet those two creations are twined together, the one flowing seamlessly into the other and back again in a way that makes perfect sense. Get this now because it will probably be rare as hell in a few years time

Track listing:
1. Fortvivlan Min Arvedel/Despair My Heredity
2. Prince Of Darkness-Alice Cooper cover

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Svart Records

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