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Shining / Höstsol -Split 12″


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Black vinyl with insert and an exclusive A3 cardboard poster. Limited 300 copies

This 2022 split features tracks from two Niklas Kvarforth acts. We all know about Shining and their track here, Ugly And Cold, is their first new studio track in 3 years. The B-side track Din Skördetid Är Nu Kommen was recorded by the lesser known Höstsol. Höstsol is a new band that started out as a project by Kvarforth and Cernunnus. However they soon realized that this was far too good to be just a project and therefore recruited Finnish madman Kalmos on Bass and former Shining-collague Hellhammer on drums. Kvarforth himself says; Our Logo and symbol, made by brother Tuoppi, speaks for itself, or at least should speak for itself, and be a hint at what our collaboration sounds like. It feels fantastic to completely put my musical demons into something else than Shining, and not being entirely in charge of everything. I can’t wait to expose the ugliness of the human spirit to all of you…

Track list:
1. Shining -Ugly And Cold
2. Höstsol -Din Skördetid Är Nu Kommen

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