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Shining -Long Live The Enemy Box [5 disc]


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Deluxe box with dlp, 2 x 10”, cd single, 6 posters, 2 stickers, 3 signed postcards and newsletter. All vinyls on exclusive oxblood red vinyls. Limited 273 copies hand numbered in blood

Iconic Swedish metal band Shining was formed back in 1996 and known as one of the most controversial and musically brilliant bands in the black metal scene and beyond. Their 2023 self titled album is even darker and more brutal than ever before. According to the band themselves, Shining will be a downward journey in stereo that will drown the world in a mesmerizing, inescapable darkness. The unit centered around mastermind Niklas Kvarforth roots their main musical influences in black metal, but does not fit into a single genre alone. Shining incomparably combines influences from various far-reaching genres such as classical music, jazz and progressive rock, conjuring grim moods, aching wounds and deep emptiness. Themes such as self-destruction, suicide and violence play an important role in the band’s music. Over the course of ten studio albums, including masterpieces such as the acclaimed V. Halmstad and Redefining Darkness, Shining has garnered a large and loyal following who adore the musical genius and eccentric nature of Niklas Kvarforth. Shining is a hauntingly captivating and skillful album that features a unique metal sound in true Shining manner, serving the very best of black metal creatively combined with several other influences. The band has sparked a fiery interest with all their previous offerings, and it is certain that their ruthless upcoming album will exceed all expectations.

Allt För Döden
Allt For Doden is the first single from Shinings self-titled, eleventh studio album, and it is drenched in an instantly recognizable sound which has been perfected over the last three decades, and that today have become the trademark of the band. Allt For Doden is a lengthy homage to Death that will possess your soul during the very first spin. For the B-side, the band have recorded an exclusive cover of Alice Coopers Pick Up The Bones” which will ONLY be available on this limited edition vinyl release.

Avsändare Okänd
The second single, Avsandare Okand, which is also the opening track of the new album, manages to deliver a perfect blend between V / Halmstad and X / Varg Utan Flock, while maintaining a high dose of originality. This is with doubt Shining at its very darkest. For the B-side, the band have recorded an exclusive cover of Danzigs Crawl Across Your Killing Floor, which will ONLY be available on this limited edition vinyl release

Track list:
DLP: Shining
1. Avsändare Okänd
2. Snart Är Dom Alla Borta
3. Allt För Döden
4. Fidelis Ad Mortem
5. Åttahundratjugo
6. Den Permanenta Sömnen Kallar

10: Allt För Döden
1. Allt For Doden
2. Pick Up The Bones-Alice Cooper cover

10: Avsändare Okänd
Track list:
1. Avsändare Okänd
2. Crawl Across Your Killing Floor-Danzig cover

Cd: Döden
1. Avsändare Okänd
2. Allt För Döden
3. Ugly And Cold
4. Höghussång
5. Avsändare Okänd-demo
6. Allt För Döden-demo

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