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Shining / Monumentum -Split 10″ [white]


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White vinyl 10”. Limited 100 copies

The Shining and Monumentum split release was originally released in January of 2013 as a vinyl single. Then, almost ten years later, this single was re-issued as a limited 10” single but with some changes added. The Monumentum version of PJ Harvey’s classic The River has been replaced by a a different version of the track than the one that was originally featured on the vinyl single. The 10” also includes the song In Misery Front Row, which originally appeared in 1998 as an instrumental track called The Colour Of Compassion on Misanthropy Records compilation Presumed Guilty, but hereby featuring Shining‘s mastermind Niklas Kvarforth on vocals.

Track list:
1. Shining -Pale Colours-Bay Laurel cover
2. Monumentum -The River-PJ Harvey cover
3. Monumentum -In Misery Front Row

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Avantgarde Music

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